Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Battle Missions 1 available

Welcome to Battle Missions 1.

This will be a short series of easy-to-set-up missions that can be used to faciliate a pick-up war game.

The missions are aimed at being generic and include army building suggestions for fantasy/medieval, black powder and 20th century/scifi games.

This allows them to be used with nearly all war game rules systems out there.

Included are also example forces for a world war 2 Eastern Front scenario, letting you simply set up and play.

Brief notes will be included allowing the scenarios to be used in a campaign as well.

* * * * *

Mission 1 is inspired by the beloved "Cleanse" mission from old editions of Warhammer 40.000.

It is a very straight-forward "control the table" mission with no complex interactions or special rules to remember and is an excellent pick-up scenario or introduction to a new wargames system.

It is available here

Monday, 26 June 2017

Starport Scum vehicle guide available again

I just discovered that the vehicle guide for Starport Scum had inadvertently been set to Private.

It's now available for sale again, and I'll be more careful with where I click with my clumsy fingers!


It covers introducing vehicles, fixing them when they break, modifying them and other concerns relevant to the Starport Scum game.

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Unity Field Agent update

Crazy revelations aside, the core mechanics for Unity Field Agent are complete.

There are very minor tweaks from the last uploaded version but if you have the beta (AND have downloaded the latest version), except it will look fundamentally the same mechanically.

That doesn't mean you should seize providing any feedback you have, just bear in mind that sweeping changes at this stage won't be likely.

Now, to iron out the three game modes and the initial army information :)

Did I mention there'll be a platoon to company sized version later? Yeah?
More on that soon.

Friday, 23 June 2017

Another scenario from the generator

Another scenario rolled up at random, using the Scifi scenario generator we sell here

We'll simply go through each table and see how it all turns out:

Why are we fighting?
The roll tells us "Border Tension".
That to me suggests something a little bit lower key, maybe two rival factions or nationalities.

We'll go with human troops on both sides for this one.

Game scale and relative army size:
We'll use the standard table and get a half company.

That means each side will default to roughly this size, though it can be tweaked slightly.
A roll for army size tells us both forces are roughly same size.

I'll set up one side as two platoons of troops (6 squads) while the other gets a single platoon, plus company level support weapons.
The smaller force numerically will be on the defensive.

Army composition:
We roll infantry heavy for both forces, meaning this will be an urban slug fest.
I'll assign two support elements to the defenders and the dice give us Fire Support and Regular Troops.

We add another squad of infantry, bringing them to 4 total.
Fire Support, we'll take as a pair of mortars and a machine gun team.

Troop quality:
For the defenders, we get a roll of Untrained troops with Low Morale. Ouch!

So that tells us these are probably partisans of some sort.
Maybe they've been raiding across the border and the attack on the urban area is a pacification operation.

The attackers receive Extensive Training and High Morale.
We'll give them pretty solid ratings on both fronts.

The attackers objective is retrieval of a Vital Data object from the battle field.
Let's say there's a cache of computer hardware in a make-shift HQ in the town.
The attackers are obviously fairly trustworthy troops, sent to grab it, while the ragtag militia will try to hold them off with stolen heavy weapons.

I will skip the terrain roll, since the image in my head has already pointed me to a city-style table, with the troops fighting street to street.

Since purely games can be a bit dull for the defender, one of their squad leaders gets a side mission.
Turns out he's a bit of a glory-hound and wants to fight the toughest enemy he can find on the battle field.

Leading a squad of fairly hopeless troops, that's not so good, but if the defenders get trounced, this is a good way of allowing a "moral victory".

The dice must be on to the hopeless nature of the fight, since the unforeseen circumstance is bad visibility.
On an urban table, maybe this won't matter that much, but it'll help the out-numbered defenders a little bit.

I hope that helps showcase how you can use the generator.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

UFA - Fringe Worlder special rules

In all games, Fringe Spacers receive the following benefit:

When playing an Ace for an Extra Action, the recipient can remove a Shock marker (representing the sort of nutter determination required to get ahead on the Fringe worlds)

In Encounter battles, when you shuffle the deck, roll a D6 for every objective you hold.

The first time one of these dice turn up a 6, claim 1D6 victory points as you've found a little extra loot.

This can only trigger once per game.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

FiveCore alternate damage dice

One idea I've kept kicking around is to have a small booklet of different damage dice.

Something you could pull out when writing a scenario, creating a variant of the rules or otherwise messing around.

So you might have things like "Stun" dice or whatever.

Anything people might be interested in seeing?

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Unity Field Agent update

A massive update and expansion of the Unity Field Agent public beta, in response to player feedback and suggestions.

Go grab your files again.
If you didn't yet, now's the time.

This version also features far more extensive examples, explanations and descriptions.